Another one bites the dust

10 Nov

Rohima Rahman

Suspended from the party

On the Newham Recorder website today:

An Upton Park councillor has been suspended from the Labour Party.

Cllr Rohima Rahman, who represents the Green Street East ward, was placed “in administrative suspension” according to a letter sent to Newham Labour Party members and seen by the Recorder.

In the letter, sent out by Labour party secretary Cllr Susan Masters, it states that despite the suspension Cllr Rahman will “continue in her role as a Newham Councillor” and will still be able to attend Labour branch meetings.

But it adds that “for the time being”, she will no longer be part of group communications nor attend East Ham CLP (Constituency Labour Party) meetings.

There is no indication as to when the suspension will be lifted or why it has been imposed.

A council spokeswoman said: “Responsibilities for the Mayoral Adviser for Community Care and Personal Assistance have been transferred to Cllr Clive Furness, Mayoral Advisor for Adults and Health.”

The reason behind the councillor’s suspension remains unclear.

Cllr Rahman told the Recorder that it was a “personal matter” and declined to make a comment. The Newham Labour Party has been approached for a statement.

This story broke last night on Twitter but still no-one seems any the wiser as to the reason.

It isn’t quite clear from the Recorder story, but this is a suspension imposed by the national Labour party. It’s not Sir Robin getting his knickers in a twist about someone saying no to him or failing to put two sugars in his tea. Whatever she’s alleged to have done has brought the weight of party HQ down on her.

And the speed with which the mayor acted to sack her as his advisor on community care and have all details of her portfolio expunged from the council website suggests it’s a serious matter.

But however hard he tries to distance himself, Sir Robin has to confront the fact that two of his councillors – both of them reliable and compliant allies – are now suspended from the party. Plaistow’s Ahmed Noor remains on ‘administrative suspension’ following his property troubles back in May.

Is this the kind of party the new post-Corbyn influx of members thought they were joining? I very much doubt it.

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