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Fleet Air Arm memorial

9 Apr

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Personality crisis

8 Apr

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Back in October the Newham Labour party website went offline. The domain registration expired and no-one bothered to renew it.

It seemed no-one had any reason keep it – West Ham CLP set up their own WordPress site; Lyn Brown already had hers and Stephen Timms had his.

But with council and mayoral elections looming in May, it’s back!

And as before it features a picture of Sir Robin on every single page. No matter where you go, Sir Robin is always there, staring back at you. Inescapable. 

It is – quite literally – all about Robin.

Newham Labour a personality cult? Oh no. Not at all.

Let’s do the Time Warp again

2 Apr


Back in October 2013 Forest Gate councillor Ellie Robinson and Plaistow councillor Forhad Hussain were appointed to the mayor’s cabinet as ‘deputy executive members for community affairs.’

Their detailed job descriptions have recently been published on the council website, along with the allowance they will be paid: £31,000 a year, on top of their £10,800 basic.

That might seem a lot, but every penny will be spent funding development of the time machine they’ll need to fulfil one of their key responsibilities:

“Inspire residents across the borough to ‘get the party started’ in 2012 and work closely with all Councillors to maximise enthusiasm and participation.”