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The Big Society?

28 Feb


A couple of weeks ago I had the dubious pleasure of listening to the Prime Minister re-launch his ‘big idea’ – the Big Society.

I must confess that after an hour of discussion I am none the wiser as to what it actually means.

But whatever it is, I’m sure it has nothing in common with Tory-run Westminster Council’s attempt’s to ban soup kitchens for the homeless near Westminster Abbey.

Was I ever this young?

28 Feb


The Unknown (never was a band better named) in a recording studio somewhere in Clapham, 1979.

Mark Butler (vocals), me (bass), Craig Cummings (seated, drums), Jim Pollard (guitar & songs).

The End of the IT Department?

28 Feb

A really interesting post on 37signal’s Signal vs Noise blog:

Looking forward to the day when no-one needs to have a computer named “server” sat on their network.