New Parliamentary Constituencies for Newham

13 Sep

When the Coalition came into office last year they agreed as part of their programme of government to reduce the number of MPs in the House of Commons from 650 to 600, which will save the taxpayer about £12 million a year and result in seats that are much closer together in terms of size.

The Boundary Commission, which decides on how parliamentary constituencies are made up, has produced its initial proposals for England. These include an overall reduction in MPs for London, but the  changes for Newham and the surrounding boroughs involve a slight increase in representation.

The commission found that Newham was too large for two constituencies, as both the existing constituencies (East Ham and West Ham) have electorates in excess of 86,000, which is over the maximum permitted under the new arrangements. Therefore they have proposed a West Ham and Royal Docks constituency containing nine wards, including three (Beckton, Boleyn, and Royal Docks) from the existing East Ham constituency; a revised East Ham constituency that contains six Newham wards and two wards (Clementswood and Loxford) from Redbridge, which are currently in the Ilford South constituency; and a new Stratford constituency with five wards from the north west of Newham, together with the four southernmost Waltham Forest wards.

The full list of wards for the new proposed constituencies are:

West Ham & Royal Docks constituency:

  • Beckton
  • Boleyn
  • Canning Town North
  • Canning Town South
  • Custom House
  • Plaistow North
  • Plaistow South
  • Royal Docks
  • West Ham

Stratford constituency:

  • Forest Gate North
  • Forest Gate South
  • Green Street East
  • Green Street West
  • Stratford and New Town
  • Cann Hall (WF)
  • Cathall (WF)
  • Grove Green (WF)
  • Leyton (WF)

East Ham constituency:

  • East Ham Central
  • East Ham North
  • East Ham South
  • Little Ilford
  • Manor Park
  • Wall End
  • Clementswood (R)
  • Loxford (R)

The full Boundary Commission proposals for London are here:

Unsurprisingly, an analysis by the Guardian shows that all three seats will be safe Labour. Based on voting in the 2010 election Labour’s majorities will be 20,382 in West Ham & Royal Docks, 20,032 in East Ham and 16,926 in Stratford. The only minor surprise is that the Lib Dems will be the main challengers in Stratford (by a small margin, it has to be said).

The Boundary Commission will be holding hearings on its proposals for this part of London at East Ham Town Hall on Thursday 27 – Friday 28 October 2011. More information is available at

You can also write with comments to Boundary Commission for England, 35 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BQ, or by email to The closing date for comments is 5 December 2011.


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