Sir Robin loves CCTV

18 Mar

Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Politics on 17 March 2013 to explain why this borough – already the most spied on in the country – is investing in even more CCTV cameras.

There are already more CCTV cameras in Newham than in the cities of Birmingham and Liverpool combined. But the mayor is buying more and the risible ‘law enforcement officers’ (not to be confused with real police, as the BBC reporter helpfully points out) are being kitted out as mobile video units, secretly filming residents as they go about their business.

Sir Robin claims that “residents love CCTV” and admits – without even a hint of embarrassment – to cutting more than necessary on other services so he can invest in these extra cameras.

UPDATE: Mike Law has written a far more extensive analysis of the Mayor’s comments and CCTV-fanaticism. Well worth a read.

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