Yet another thing George Galloway doesn’t do

14 Aug

Galloway and his one remaining supporter

…tolerate dissent.

Five councillors from Galloway’s Respect party have suggested that if he wants to run for London mayor he should resign as MP for Bradford West.

As the Guardian reports, Galloway’s instant response to this quite reasonable suggestion was to suspend two councillors for disloyalty and accuse all five of “conspiring to seize executive power”.

And there is further evidence that Galloway isn’t doing the job the people of Bradford elected him to do:

[Cllr Ishtiaq Ahmed] claimed Galloway spent too little time in the city. “People are always asking me: where’s George? This weekend I had more than 20 calls from constituents asking me why George is talking about London and not Bradford. As councillors we have only had one strategic meeting with him in the past year… I’m always reading on his Twitter feed about his appearances in Westminster, his Edinburgh Fringe show, his tour in Scotland – it sometimes feels as though he goes everywhere but Bradford.”

The five Respect councillors are now considering quitting the party to work as independents. One admitted:

Respect for me was just a vehicle to get elected

Words that could almost have come out of George Galloway’s own mouth!

So a word of advice to anyone thinking of voting for a Respect candidate in next year’s elections here in Newham: don’t. They are either posturing buffoons or unscrupulous careerists.

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