How to get an iPad mini for just £130

27 Sep

Apple’s iPad mini is one of its best selling products. In the UK these retail at prices starting from £269, going up to £529 for the top of the range. Huge demand and Apple’s wholesale pricing policy mean even the high street chains won’t offer discounts.

But you can get one at a knock-down price if you just follow these five easy steps:

  • Get elected mayor of Newham
  • Go on a trip to China to visit possible investors in a new business park in the Royal Docks
  • Receive an iPad mini as a gift from your hosts, Advanced Business Park (China) Holdings Group Ltd
  • Return home and declare the gift, stating it has a value of just £130
  • Announce you wish to keep the gift for your personal use and that you will reimburse the Council to the equivalent value – that’s the £130 you told them it was worth.

And now the iPad mini is yours. Easy!

One Response to “How to get an iPad mini for just £130”

  1. nilsinela boray (@northernheckler) September 27, 2013 at 19:30 #

    There is a bit of a ‘but’ to this though. We don’t know what the cost of the iPad mini was in China – the official Apple price is around 206 pounds converted from Chinese yuan. It’s possible that the one he got cost much less than this – (and also possible it’s not an Apple one ) Also you would presumably be declaring that exclusive of VAT (as he wouldn’t be expected to pay tax in China ) – which would make that around £172 – far closer to what he said.

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