New community lead councillor

5 Jun

Community Lead Councillor

Councillor Rohima Rahman has been named as the new community lead councillor for Forest Gate.

The announcement was included in a list of Sir Robin’s new line-up of cabinet members and advisors published on the council website.

Our previous lead councillor, David Christie, has been promoted and is now mayoral advisor for ‘Small Business Programme and Local Enterprises’.

It is a strange appointment. Councillor Rahman does not represent either of the two Forest Gate wards, nor does she live here.

Councillor Mas Patel of Forest Gate South qualifies on both counts, but he has been appointed as lead councillor for Stratford and West Ham.

Besides Mas Patel there are many other councillors who are local residents, or who represent us, and are not otherwise occupied advising the mayor or scrutinising him – Seyi Akiwowo, John Gray, Alan Griffiths or Rachel Tripp, to name just a few.

Why could Sir Robin not have given one of them the job?


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