Yet another matter of interest

2 Dec

In my previous post I described Councillor Lester Hudson as double-jobbing, being both Newham’s deputy mayor and its cabinet member for finance.

It appears I did the poor man a disservice: he is triple-jobbing!

He combines his other two roles with being chair of the council’s audit committee.

Yes, that’s right. The cabinet member for finance also chairs the audit committee. Which surely amounts to a major conflict of interest, especially when there are serious questions to be answered – as there are right now with the East Ham Town Hall campus overspend and the unlawful expenditure on the new 6th form college.

Councillors would be remiss if they did not challenge this very peculiar and unhealthy arrangement.

One Response to “Yet another matter of interest”

  1. smoh2273 December 8, 2014 at 18:04 #

    What a joke talk about feathering the nest, IT SEEMS THAT THESE GUYS FORGOT WHAT THE PARTY THEY REPRESENT STANDS FOR. I can remember lester working for the LDDC.

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