Maud Street

16 Dec

This was posted as a comment on my About page a couple of days ago (I’ve tidied up the punctuation a bit so it’s easier to read):

Please someone help.

Maud Street car park is closing due to another bit of incompetence by the councillors. We gave 1800 objections to the closure; Ian Corbett blocked these objections.

This will put business and jobs at risk. Guess who carried out the consultation? Helen Edwards.

This is money scheme by the council as the proposed social housing was sold to Chinese investors.

This morning Andrew Boff, the leader of the Conservative group on the Greater London Assembly, submitted a string of FOI requests to Newham Council about the consultation:

  • When is the parking order (dated October 1st) for the provision of On Street parking on Malmesbury Road and Oak Crescent due to commence?
  • When were local residents and businesses consulted with regard to the appropriation of land at Maud Street car park?
  • Please supply a list of businesses and residents notified with regard to the appropriation of land at Maud Street car park.
  • Please supply a list of all responses to the consultation process related to the appropriation of land at Maud Street car park.
  • What were the costs of the consultation process related to the appropriation of land at Maud Street car park.
  • Please supply a list of all responses to each of the notices to revoke the (Off Street Parking Places) (Maud Street)(No1) Order 2007.
  • Of the responses to each of the notices to revoke the (Off StreetParking Places) (Maud Street)(No1) Order 2007, how many were infavour and how many against?
  • When is the parking order (dated October 1st) for the provision of On Street parking on Malmesbury Road and Oak Crescent due to commence?

I’m not sure why all of these couldn’t have been submitted as a single request, but the questions seem pertinent in the light of the allegation that the overwhelming public response to the consultation was rejection of a proposal that has gone ahead regardless.

If anyone knows any more about this, please post in comments.


19 Responses to “Maud Street”

  1. Conor McAuley December 18, 2014 at 01:40 #

    Maud Street car park is the site of phase 3 of the Rathbone Market redevelopment. 216 new flats will be built on the site.
    The outline planning consent for this development was granted in 2010 after a significant amount of local consultation.

    The “reserved matters” or the detailed consent was granted in April this year by Newham’s Strategic Development Committee. (Which I chaired).

    There was a further planning consultation exercise prior to this committee.

    Site Notices were erected on Barking Road and Mary Street on 10th February 2014,
    expiring on 3rd March 2014. A Press Notice advertised in the Newham Recorder on 5th February 2014. The application was advertised as a major application and as affecting the
    setting of a listed building. A total of 356 consultation letters were sent to neighbouring properties on 31st January 2014. The public consultation period expired on 21st February 2014.

    Not one objection was received.

    As Andrew Boff’s questions would indicate there was a further consultation exercise relating to the closure of the car park. I do not hold the info relating to this exercise (not my field).

    Its a free country and Mr Boff is welcome to submit FOI requests.

    But this ship has sailed I think.

  2. Martin Warne December 18, 2014 at 13:56 #

    The Tory PPC for West Ham has blogged about this too:

    I’m not sure what to make of a Tory complaining about developers building flats which are unaffordable to local people and being sold off mainly to investors. Isn’t his party all about absolute property rights and minimally regulated markets? Since when did they put affordable housing above the greed of the already rich?

    But his point about is nonetheless valid: if 216 flats are being built that will be sold to overseas ‘investors’ and either be left empty or rented at extortionate rates they might as well not be there as far as local people are concerned.

    It says something that people would rather keep a shabby car park than have new housing built, because they know that the housing is not – and never will be – for them.

    • Conor McAuley December 18, 2014 at 15:58 #

      Where did the assumption come from that all the flats will be sold to “foreign investors”? Andrew Boff quotes a local estate agent ….. So it must be true? Bo**ocks!

      The developer here is the English Cities Fund. English Cities Fund (ECf). The ECf was “created by the government to identify and break through the barriers to institutional investment and pave the way for higher levels of private investment in the re-shaping of our towns and cities.”

      So it’s not Ballymore or Galliard who sell everything abroad.

      The plot will contribute 25% affordable units …. Mainy shared equity & intermediate rented units.

      Now to the car park issue. People seem to have forgotten that a new shoppers car park is being built adjacent to the new Morrisons Store. Morrisons will probably open late summer 2015. The new car park might be available sooner.

  3. bobby boy December 18, 2014 at 17:40 #

    The” ship” may have sailed but do remember the Titanic and like the Titanic this can also be sunk and along with it your career which I gather has already been sent back to the dry dock

  4. smoh2273 December 18, 2014 at 18:04 #

    This was done through the back door, l am a resident, and local business l found out through in July through one if the developers. [comment edited]

  5. Martin – thanks for the Tory jibe. I know you mean well and I STILL maintain that you’re a cool dude 🙂 Do bear in mind that I am a man and a dad first and foremost, not just a Tory. Labels get thrown about to flippantly. Lest’ you forget, it is a Tory that is helping to keep this issue alive while Labour ignore the voice of its own lifelong voters and in some cases card carrying Party members. Go figure

    On the substantive issue of the Car Park, the concern of residents, businesses and certainly mine is not that we are against development but rather one of non-consultation consultations (.sic) How on earth do you carry out a consultation of 350 people over a matter that significantly affects their immediate environment and you get absolutely zero replies or objections. This would be rather odd assuming those consulted received the notices. What makes it disturbing however is that no resident as at yet has come forward with knowledge of this notifications.

    Furthermore, if the residents were to have been sent letters by the council, why could the businesses not have been afforded the same privilege? Perhaps they were for again – none of the businesses knew about this.

    I refer you the Dept. for Transport’s 2010 Revised Ed. of Operational Guidelines for Local Authorities as follows:

    The Secretary of State expects local authorities considering major changes to
    their parking policies to consult fully with stakeholders. AS A MINIMUM, local
    authorities should consult the following groups:

    • those involved in the implementation and operation of parking, including
    the police, neighbouring local authorities, the DVLA and the Traffic
    Enforcement Centre;

    • wider stakeholders with an interest in parking, including businesses, motoring
    groups and representative organisations; and

    • those who will be affected, including residents, motorists and the general
    public. Authorities should include socially excluded groups.

    Authorities should consider setting up their own user group for wider stakeholders such as businesses, representative organisations and the public. This should comprise representatives of motoring organisations, local residents and traders, socially excluded groups and others with an interest in parking policies. This group can be used to test proposals to ensure they MEET THE NEEDS OF ROAD USERS.

    Authorities are likely to get a relatively large number of queries or complaints when
    CPE is first introduced and need a comprehensive communication plan. The
    Cabinet Office gives guidelines on communication with the public. This covers:
    • media campaigns on plans for CPE;
    • email/direct mail to key stakeholders;
    • briefing events;
    • public speaking opportunities;
    • one-to-one meetings with key organisations; and
    • public events and engagement opportunities for staff

    Given the scope of this changes proposed by the council, even if it followed the letter of the law in the way it carried out the consultation, it woefully failed in abiding the spirit of the same. For someone to then come on a public forum and gleefully state that £this ship has sailed” is most regrettable.

    It appears that a pattern of these non-consultation consultations was demonstrated in the sacking of Helen Edwards over the £11m overbudget Sixth Form College debacle. Non compliance with consultation requirements was central to her leaving her post.

    In summary, I am not opposed to redevelopment only this type of which we are seeing play out before us. People need to be taken along. The council, definitely local councillors plus MP should have seen how this closure would impact the local community. Alas, if they did see, they surely chose to turn a blind eye. I chose not to – hence why I wrote a letter to the Chief Executive and Cc’d Lyn Brown as the current MP and Robin Wales as Mayor to make a formal complaint. East London is changing as is Newham but we cannot have a change that refuses to take into proper consideration the needs of local residents and businesses who create jobs that form the backbone of our local economy.

  6. Mr. McAuley,

    Can you please define, in as specific a way as possible, what ‘affordable’ housing is? Who will be renting out these affordable housing and under what scheme? How much do you anticipate a two bedroom flat to rent for in these newly built posh pads?

    Furthemore and in your very informed capacity, did anyone from the Council (councillor, cabinet member or officer) come to speak with residents or businesses just to get a feel for their mood on this issue? Did you feel any sense of alarm when there was absolutely no response to a consultation letter of 350 homes or is the ‘nil -point’ scenario a common occurrence in Council consultations?

    While you say the ship has sailed, would you nevertheless accept my invitation to meet with me and other local residents and businesses to discuss the aftermath of your decision? As a public servant I suppose you may want to consider this offer.

    I will be very grateful for your reply.

  7. Conor McAuley December 18, 2014 at 21:21 #

    Lets shine some light on the issue.

    (1) The planning consultation letters were sent to 356 properties surrounding the site. It is certain that many of these properties would have been local businesses.
    (2) The planning consultation included 2 site notices. Did nobody read them?
    (3) Did no one spot the advert in the Newham Recorder?

    Maybe they did see the consultation…. But no one responded.

    Sadly that is not unusual.

    The planning consultation exercise more than exceeded the legal requirements. Some (Tory) boroughs send no letters to adjoining properties – they rely on site notices.

    There was a subsequent consultation on the specific parking issues. I am not briefed on the details here as I am not one of the local councillors. Maybe you should contact them!

    Over the years I have noticed that when people object to new much needed housing, it becomes “executive” housing or “posh” pads.

    No it’s much need new housing to help towards London’s growing housing crisis.

    No I don’t know how much they will be rented/sold for. I don’t predict house prices before they have even been built. Do you?

    Boris Johnson, Mayor of London defines affordable housing as housing rented at up to 80% market rate. Sadly he controls the definition here. You really ought to know this!

    If you disagree with this definition, you should take it up with him.

    Indeed you will also know that Boris Johnson, as Mayor of London will have signed off both the original outline planning application and the 2014 “reserved matters” application.

    I no longer speak for the Council on regeneration or planning issues, so I suggest you speak to the current regeneration & planning lead.

    On the parking issues, you know you need to speak to Cllr Corbett.

    I notice you gave ignored my comment about the new car park being built adjacent to the new Morrisons store.

    You see you have, for what appear to be party political reasons, chosen only to look at one aspect of a much larger regeneration programme. Fair enough, if that’s how you want to play it.

    I regularly speak to local residents about issues of concern, but I will forgoe your invitation until such time as you actually win an election.

    • Thank you for your reply Conor. Much appreciated.

      For the record, are you saying that it is not unusual for there to be no responses to consultation of this type? I believe this is the first time I am hearing anyone connected to the council openly admit that it was not just residents that had the letters:

      I quote you “(1) The planning consultation letters were sent to 356 properties surrounding the site. It is certain that many of these properties would have been local businesses.”

      You then asked if no one spot the advert in the recorder. They did! Just a few weeks ago. Do you not agree that more pertinent questions should be if no one got the letters or why did no one reply?

      I suggest it would be a fruitful exercise if you’d care to ask these businesses and resident these questions. I hope you will take this up because if the Council and councillors do care and actually want to do better, you guys should be willing to listen and reflect for future purposes. You did not answer my question about why no one bothered to come and meet these stakeholders especially when there were no responses. I don’t suppose it would have been too much work for Cllrs. who get paid by the public to randomly canvass opinions.

      On the issue of affordable housing, my concern is about affordability. 80% of market value in Canning Town is still a ton of money for the average wage earner in the Borough. You seriously cannot tell me that as a cllr. you’re that oblivious to how much properties cost to rent in your area. I can tell you that three bed flat depending on condition will rent from between £1200 – £1500 p/m. New builds will like come with a 10-20% premium.

      On the issue of the car park being built at Morrisons, are you seriously suggesting that people will park their cars there, walk all the way to Londis to with their sick dog or cat for treatment at Celia Hammond’s. Or perhaps you reckon my aunty will buy her 20kg bag of garri or rice and lug it all the way to Morrisons. I think you may wish to reconsider that line of thinking because is anything, the Morrisons car park will be for those shopping at Morrisons. It’s impact on the High Street is yet another discussion but I do not think the planners took the time to see the dynamics of trading in this section of Barking Road. So yes, I am aware of the proposed alternative parking at Morrisons and Malmesbury.

      Lastly, I can assure that this is not just about a car park Conor. It is about local authorities (Tory run or not) genuinely taking residents along instead of saying stuff you – the ship has sailed. I understand the council (and perhaps you too) believes it has dotted all the i’s and crossed the t’s. That’s the letter of the law. The spirit of the law is helpfully highlighted in this useful document from the Planning Officers Society:

      Click to access PRE%20PLANNING%20APPLICATION%20CONSULTATION%20BEST%20PRACTICE_031010.pdf

      I appreciate you engaging me openly about this and in a respectful way. I know some of these people and have done so since I was a teenager. I don’t believe that had anyone from the council actually bothered to go beyond a faceless mode of consultation, they would have gone ahead in this manner. Hiding behind an abominably expensive glass building is easy but running a business under a tough economic climate is not. Surely, you can see how this could have been handled a bit better. No?

      Again, your engagement is appreciated 🙂

      PS: As per you waiting until I win an election before you accept my invitation to come and meet those affected by decisions made by your group – I suppose therein lies the danger of a one Party dominance in a borough. I doubt even Luftur Rahman would say what you just said, though I take it in jest.

      • smoh2273 December 19, 2014 at 09:33 #

        Dear Connor

        Who’s the naughty little school boy who spoke about the teacher and was sent to the back of the class. Why does it take a tory to address an issue before anything gets done.

  8. d December 19, 2014 at 19:22 #

    Who’s missing from this conversation?, one…

    • smoh2273 December 19, 2014 at 20:11 #

      Its time that the mayoral system was abolished as in this case, has not worked in Newham too much power in one mans hand. Do you what they say too much power in one man’s hand corrupts. Its time the residents needs were put first.

      • smoh2273 December 19, 2014 at 20:16 #

        One more thing how comes certain councillors earn more money than people they represent.

  9. bobby boy December 19, 2014 at 20:32 #

    Just seen page 25 of this weeks Newham Recorder . Looks lovely Newham Council. Great to see you have a market with facilities for traders. What facilities? Would they include PARKING? Oops !!!! No we have closed the car park but you can park over the road where there are restrictions and where ticket happy wardens will stalk you.Then lug your wares across to this wonderful trading oppertunity. Will that make you rush to have stall? Answers to Ian Corbbet c/o Newham Council Dockside E16 .Sorry I feel another OOPS coming on Sorry but as you know he ignores all question or requests about parking ect .

    • smoh2273 December 19, 2014 at 20:39 #

      I forgot he usally tell residents to f**k **f when you ask him anything, l heard that he challenge a baked bean to a iq test and the bake bean beat him.

      • dave December 19, 2014 at 21:02 #

        I got a great idea we could get Ian corbett, and lester Hudson to run a stall, it will be bankrupt in a week, then we could blame officers for not doing there job.

  10. bobby boy December 20, 2014 at 00:18 #

    I doubt Mr Hudson has the time for a 4th job. Ian Corbett does not have the people skills to work on a stall judging by the way he spoke to a woman on youtube .

    • dave December 20, 2014 at 08:44 #

      The council answer to Ronnie Kray has for everything, now just feeck off mate l am aving a haircut or me boys are on there way.

      • bobby boy January 7, 2015 at 09:48 #

        RIP Maud St carpark. Yes it closed at 6am yesterday. Robin Wales will be in Canning Town library tomorrow Thursday around 10ish do come along I am sure he would love to meet the locals who voted him in.

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