Stepping out

6 Jan

Not my actual feet

As part of my ongoing attempts to live a slightly healthier life I’ve been trying walk a bit further everyday, with the aim of doing 10,000 steps a day.

According to the pedometer application on my phone, in 2014

  • I walked a total of 3,526,983 steps, which was 2,716 kilometres
  • My daily average was 9,690 steps, or 7.5 km
  • I exceeded my 10,000 steps-a-day target on 227 days (62% of the time)
  • On my best day I walked 20,732 steps – 16 km
  • My worst day was just 378 steps (I think I must have left my phone on the charger all day)

My target for 2015 is to get my daily average over 10,000 steps and to exceed the daily target 270 times (about 75% of days).

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