Less is Noor

11 May

Given his recent legal problems you’d expect Councillor Noor might worry about not having time for constituency casework.

But it turns out this won’t be a problem for him: he barely does any.

According to an FOI response released in March, the council’s casework tracking system records him as having been assigned just one case in the four months between September and December 2014.

His fellow Plaistow South councillors have been shouldering the whole burden of citizen concerns. Aleen Alarice had seven cases, while Neil Wilson took care of 24.

Ah well, you might ask, Ahmed Noor is a new councillor, so perhaps it’s all being given to more experienced colleagues while he finds his feet?

Nope. Our two freshman councillors in Forest Gate North give the lie to that theory. Rachel Tripp was assigned 36 cases over the same period and Seyi Akiwowo 30 cases. Even Beckton’s Tonii Wilson, elected at a by-election in mid-September, picked up 14 cases.

In the year since his election Cllr Noor has collected more than £10,000 in allowances. Besides being a total embarrassment to the Labour party, what he he done to earn it? 

One Response to “Less is Noor”

  1. Birdman May 12, 2015 at 04:32 #

    I can’t understand what this case work tracking system is for. I am surprised that it still takes an FOI application to get data. Why is it not publicly available? Newham are to be congratulated for having such a system even if the entries are just numbers and give no indication of the quality of the casework. It is still much better than what most authorities have but its entries seemingly play no part in candidate selection. If it is there to show the work councillors are doing, why not just make it openly available.

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