Woodgrange Road redevelopment

7 Mar

E7 nowandthen 2016 Mar 07

The developer is proposing to replace 12 existing retail units and the small number of residential units above them with 1,650 square metres of retail space and 64 new homes. These will include a number of affordable and family-sized units.

They promise high quality design “to reflect the ambitions of the community,” along with green roofs and cycle storage.

It’s a less ambitious proposal than Obsidian’s, which would have completely destroyed the centre of Forest Gate, but will still have a huge impact on the look of Woodgrange Road. I’ll be interested to see what the drawings look like.



One Response to “Woodgrange Road redevelopment”

  1. Myanah Saunders March 20, 2016 at 18:25 #

    If you search the Newham Recorder on-line you can see an artist’s impression. I sincerely hope it is nothing like the proposed design.

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