Man overboard

11 Oct

Council CEO Kim Bromley-Derry has been re-arranging the executive deckchairs at Newham Dockside:

A few weeks back I announced my new executive leadership arrangements which took effect immediately. The executive team includes myself supported by Nick Bracken, Grainne Siggins and Deborah Hindson. 

The executive leadership is supported by a wider team of current and new Directors. This new Strategic Leadership Team provides us with the skills and experience necessary to drive through our transformation agenda, the principles of our new operating model and deliver the savings required of us this year and in the years ahead. Details of the full leadership arrangements are attached. I would like to offer my congratulations to Jane Sherwood in her new role as Interim Director of Regeneration and Planning to replace Deirdra Armsby who has joined Westminster City Council. 

I have every confidence in our Strategic Leadership Team to continue delivering the services that matter most to our residents and achieving the political outcomes and priorities of our Mayor Sir Robin Wales and Members. The strategic leadership team will meet on a regular basis.

One notable absentee from the ‘Executive Leadership Team’ is Douglas Trainer. Mr Trainer previously combined the role of Assistant Chief Executive (Strategic Services) with being the Labour group’s part-time PR flak.

Now he appears on the organisation chart with the reduced title of Director of Customer and Strategic Services, reporting to former plod Nick Bracken, the COO. How odd.

What has the poor fellow done to deserve demotion?

2 Responses to “Man overboard”

  1. terry ball October 14, 2017 at 07:27 #

    maybe pat murphy has been right all along,if they have discovered he is politically active for the labour party demoting him is a way of punishing him without giving him the p45 .i would have liked to see what the outcome of any enquires is .my question is what will the whip do to murphy after causing this major problem for the mayor after talking to journalist and making statements that could bring the labour group into disrepute .dirty linen in public and all that .my bet is that murphy will be off the christmas card list .

  2. urriti October 14, 2017 at 19:38 #

    There a few interesting things within this statement. Firstly, Deirdra Armsby the ex Director of Regeneration and Planning, this makes her the second person the leave that area of work, the last one left because wales didn’t listen, wonder if ms Armsby went the same way?. If Doug Trainer has been ‘sort of’ demoted because he broke the civil service code, ie to be non-political, what Bromley-Derry doing ‘acheving political outcomes for the mayor’?.

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