Newham’s Red Door Ventures to buy Collective Old Oak

7 Dec

EGi – News Article – Newham’s Red Door Ventures to buy Collective Old Oak:

“The Collective Old Oak is close to being bought by Newham Council’s PRS developer Red Door Ventures.

“The arms-length development company, which uses council funding to build rental schemes around London, is understood to be paying close to £120m for the co-living scheme.”

And where is this £120 million investment located? NW10. The London Borough of Ealing.


The original version of this post said that the Collective Old Oak was in Brent. Although parts of NW10 are in Brent, the specific postcode for the development is in neighbouring Ealing. Thanks to Cllr Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent council, for pointing this out.

4 Responses to “Newham’s Red Door Ventures to buy Collective Old Oak”

  1. Anon December 8, 2017 at 20:43 #

    Newham Council policy is always inconsistent and contradictory.

    Sir Robin Wales complains Newham has a large a transient population. People who live for a short while and then move on. Never forming roots to the area.

    In 2013, Newham Council introduced landlord licensing, their aim was to improve the standard of rental property and reduce multiple occupancy (bedsits).

    It would be logical to assume the council would be against any sort of bedsits in area. Why did Newham Council give planning permission to the The Collective Old Oak for a new monster 250 room HMO (bedsit) in a 19 storey building?

    It is at odds with Newham council’s own planning policy.

    The Collective Old Oak are greedy developers building tiny rabbit hutches rooms. The Collective Old Oak say the typical unit is 12sqm area and comprises a bedroom, desk, wardrobe, kitchenette and bathroom pod. By comparison, a typical one bedroom flat in Newham is 40sqm.

    The Collective Old Oak may use trendy words such as ‘co-living’, but don’t be fooled these are monster bedsits. People have to share kitchen spaces and living spaces.

    Looks like Sir Robin is about to be a slum landlord.

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