25 Jan

Newham for an open seelction campaign leaflet

Branch meetings for the re-run trigger ballot start next week. To avoid the (ahem) ‘problems’ with the original process in 2016 this is being managed by the London Labour Party rather than the local campaign forum.

Wards in West Ham are organising their own meetings, while those in the other half of the borough are under the direct supervision of the regional party because East Ham CLP is in ‘special measures.’

I understand that the agreement between the Labour party and the members who took legal action over the 2016 process includes a full list of affiliated trade union branches and others able to vote. Newham Fabians, the Co-operative Party and Bectu won’t be taking part this time.

Sir Robin has been in power since 1995, as leader of the council and as mayor. It’s time the Labour party gave itself the chance to consider an alternative. If you have a vote, vote ‘No’ to automatic re-selection.

One Response to “Re-triggered”

  1. Down to Earth January 26, 2018 at 17:27 #

    Co-operative Party not taking part is a Co-operative Party decision.
    No evidence was found to substantiate that Bectu or the Newham Fabian Society were affiliated to East Ham CLP at the relevant time.
    Treasurer of the Newham Fabian Society, throughout several years in that position, never had the cheque book.

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