Magical misty morning

9 Oct

Morning mist on Wanstead Flats
via Instagram

3 Responses to “Magical misty morning”

  1. Kronikal October 9, 2020 at 11:58 #

    Misty morning?! 🤦‍♂️ Hardly evidence of political shenanegans is it? 😜
    We rely on you to expose underhand goings-on in the council, but it seems you’re now reduced to taking pictures out of the window!
    We’ve had geese, cows – not to mention muffins and pizza before that – surely there are some political controversies to get your teeth into?
    It seems now you’ve apparently re-joined them, you’ve become politically neutered. I’ve relied on this site to reveal what’s really going on inside Newham Labour, and indeed relished the inside details of Robin’s overthrow, usually in contrast to the toadying Recorder. But now it seems you’ve been compromised.
    There must be plenty of awfulness & deviousness under the surface still that you could get your teeth into, recent examples including:

    -#- the uncertainty & waste around the food hampers the council and government were giving out unpredictably during lockdown, so no-one knew what to expect (though admittedly everyone was making the system up on the hoof), e.g.:
    (1) the govt & council schemes being independent, so someone could receive both, while others got none,
    (2) some perishables being already past their eat-by date when delivered,
    (3) chilled food mixed in the box with the rest without it being pointed out some things need to go in the fridge,
    (4) not effectively being able to have only some of the items, including perishable things they may dislike so won’t use, causing more food waste in the general waste, encouraging vermin;

    -#- the Battle of Maryland – the ill-tempered tussle between the Maryland Community Group on Facebook and elements of Newham Labour over whether Maryland deserves to be a ward in itself, in the independent ward boundaries review (currently having a bonus extra consultation round), due, I suspect, to:
    (1) the leading lights of MCG being (I assume) of a different political persuasion to the council, and
    (2) because the consequences would involve a larger number of smaller 2-seat wards, which might be slightly more vulnerable to an insurgent campaign by a different political party (gasp – apparently there are some!);

    – but these are just things I’m aware of – there must be tons more!

    • Martin Warne October 9, 2020 at 13:02 #

      Those photos weren’t taken out of a window, they were taken out on the Flats!

      I’m sorry if you’re disappointed by the lack of political content lately, but there’s plenty of that on Twitter if you follow the right people. And you can always start your own blog.

      • Kronikal October 9, 2020 at 18:32 #

        Ah – thanks Martin, so please tell: who are the right people? (I hope their Twitter is public!)

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