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Clew Bay Sunset

3 Sep

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Westport White

3 Sep

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Bières brassées localement

31 Mar

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You need wheels

4 Feb

Sir Robin's new wheels

When Lutfur Rahman was swanking around Tower Hamlets in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes Benz, Sir Robin took great satisfaction in pointing out that he drove his own car – a used Toyota.

But judging by the car currently sat on the mayoral driveway, the Wales household has recently opted for a major upgrade.

A shiny new Range Rover may be a bit less ‘man of the people’ than his dusty old Toyota, but at least Sir Robin can arrive at the open selection meetings in comfort and style. I’m sure Labour members will be suitably impressed.

Hat-tip to the reader who spotted this and sent the photo

UPDATE 9/2/2018

A reader left a comment on Wednesday (see below) saying the car belongs to Sir Robin’s neighbour. Yesterday Alan Olive, a retired Labour Regional Director and Elections Officer living in Hemel Hempstead, reached out on Twitter to say the same thing. And the reader who sent the original tip-off confirms that, as of yesterday evening, the car is indeed parked next door.

Maybe these aren’t Sir Robin’s wheels. If anyone has anything more definitive, one way or the other, I’d be very grateful.


22 Nov

IMG 0006
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It’s not a new sign, so I guess TfL has just decided to live with it!

Early morning at Wanstead Park station

20 Mar

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24 Feb

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Wind turbine

27 Oct

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Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

3 Sep

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Love Newham

14 Aug

Swipe right

The Love Newham app takes an unexpected new direction…