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4 Dec


Newham council on why it decided to invest in the Olympic stadium:

“Our decision to invest was based on the entirely reasonable assumption that [Boris Johnson’s] administration carried out its contract negotiations for E20 with due diligence. 

Allow me to translate: £40 million got pissed up the wall because we trusted that a man who is widely known to be lazy, and who has – at best – a casual relationship with the truth, did his job properly.

In other news, did you know that the word ‘gullible’ has been removed from the dictionary?

Fast and furious

23 Jul

The Evening Standard reports that 

A furious row has broken out over Boris Johnson’s plans for a “floating village” of 50 luxury homes in the Docklands.

Boris Johnson has selected an Anglo-Dutch consortium to build a “thriving community” of homes, restaurants and offices on the waters of the Royal Victoria Dock. The proposed housing in the scheme will be entirely private.

Sir Robin is up in arms:

”We have always been clear that any new development must provide affordable housing and an acceptable mix of uses along with much needed long-term jobs for local people.

“The current plans for the floating village do not meet our vision… Newham Council cannot, and will not, accept a development consisting purely of luxury apartments which will be out of reach of the majority of our residents.”

Fine words, Mr Mayor.

So then why did you give planning permission for this ‘fully private development’ in Stratford? 

And why did Newham grant consent in February to HUB Residential for its Hoola scheme for “a plush new development in London’s Royal Docks that will deliver 360 luxury homes in two glass-clad towers”? There’s not a single affordable unit – much less any social housing – anywhere to be seen.