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Taupe Friday

30 Nov

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Taupe Friday – like Black Friday but more sophisticated!

For four days from Friday 1st December, Tax Return by Jim Pollard is available on pre Xmas offer.

A tongue in cheek detective novel that’s not at all taxing, the paperback will be £7.99 (reduced from £10) and the ebook will be FREE. It’s the ideal Christmas gift for yourself and a friend (because you’ll need to buy two of the paperbacks if you want free postage!).

Offer runs Friday 1st to Monday 4th December 2017.

Topical note: the book also furnishes, courtesy of Detective Sergeant Caton’s eccentric French mother, an explanation of the most popular forms of corporate tax avoidance in terms even HMRC could understand – the Paradise papers have never made more sense.

Link: http://tinyurl.com/taxreturn-amazon