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Oh, Alan

14 Oct

Last week Alan Craig, the former leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance, declared he had applied to join UKIP. 

In my blog post I said it was a marriage made in heaven, but I now think I was wrong. Having read his party’s 2010 general election manifesto, Not by Bread Alone, it is clear that it is an extraordinary and almost inexplicable decision.

Amongst the bonkers stuff about the place of religion in civil society, the evils of gay marriage and abortion, and some unpleasant generalisations about muslims and jihad, there are some surprisingly liberal and genuinely progressive policies. Here are a few extracts:

A more equal society

Free market capitalism, if left to itself, does not produce a downward trickle from rich to poor. Over the past thirty years, under both Labour and the Conservatives, share of income and wealth has been transferred from the poor of Britain and the world, to the rich.

The experience of low status and low esteem that encourages violence, obesity, transient relationships or teenage pregnancy must also be approached by policies that go beyond forcing people into the workforce.

We will back measures to introduce a new 50p tax rates on earnings over £150,000.

A transaction tax, such as the proposed Robin Hood tax, will be introduced to generate funds for green and sustainable investment in both Britain and in the developing world.

Greening the global economy

The CPA seeks a global economy which operates within the ecological limits of the planet; eradicates poverty and tackles inequality; and ensures the human rights of all are met.

Carbon rationing is needed. We back an EU trading system which sets a control total for the industries within the regime and lets the market in carbon allocations chase down the most efficient ways of making cuts.

Unrestrained market forces are not compatible with care for the poor and stewardship of the earth.

Tackling the jobs crisis

The CPA will continue to act as the Champion of a Living Wage for all workers. We also want a better work and life balance for all, not just the well-off who can afford it.

The CPA will enforce the provisions of the Working Time Directive, which prevents working in excess of 48 hours per week. We will end the UK’s opt out option.

The CPA will also support a Living Wage for all workers of £7.40 an hour to ensure those on low incomes are not forced to work excessive hours to make ends meet.

Strangers into citizens

We would tackle discrimination and embrace the talents of asylum seekers, as many successful asylum applicants are highly trained and dedicated individuals. It makes no sense to leave them on the scrapheap, unable to use their professional skills to provide for themselves, their families, or contribute to the British economy.

[Asylum] applicants will be treated as if they were British citizens with full access to state support and the right to work.

We will tackle the problem of illegal immigration by an amnesty that brings irregular workers into mainstream society, paying taxes.

A time of jubilee for the world

Aid will be given in grants and not loans and not tied to poor countries opening up their markets to powerful multinationals from rich countries.

We want the unpayable debts of the world’s poorest countries to be cancelled in full without strings attached.

Alan Craig signature

I find it hard to comprehend how someone who led his party and signed that manifesto, made those promises, just four years ago can now find a home in UKIP. Because not one of the things I’ve quoted above would find favour with the Faragists.

If Alan Craig has really changed his mind so completely that he now rejects everything the CPA ever stood for and embraces the climate change-denying, isolationist, hard right turbo-Toryism of UKIP, he might as well announce his conversion to Satanism: it would be less of a surprise.

Thought for the day

10 Oct

Louloudillon 2014 Oct 10

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Alan Craig gets kippered

9 Oct

Alan Craig

The purple rosette should have been a giveaway

Alan Craig, one-time leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance, two-time Newham councillor and serial mayoral candidate, has had an epiphany:

Gay marriage illustrated it; Brendon O’Neill exposed it; and more recently the #YesScotland campaign highlighted and traded upon it: the UK’s political class is a corrupt, elitist, irresponsible, disingenuous, patronising, self-serving cartel. It must be urgently broken up and closed down.

After berating mild-mannered Times columnist Matthew Parris for his condescending attitude to the people of Clacton and raging about gay marriage (he is a teeny-tiny bit obsessed with gay people) he informs us that

Two weeks ago I spent my first day campaigning for UKIP in Clacton.

Last week I applied to join the party.

Alan Craig’s always been a bit mad, but if he thinks a party led by a multi-millionaire, public school-educated ex-city trader who has spent the past ten years living high on the hog in Brussels at the taxpayers’ expense is going to smash the Establishment and bring down the metropolitan political elite he is utterly delusional.

And I wonder how he squares his ‘Christianity’ with being a member of a party that wants to cut taxes for the very rich, while increasing taxes on the poor; destroy human rights protections by leaving the ECHR and repealing the Human Rights Act; and for us to turn our backs on the poorest, most vulnerable and most needy by rejecting asylum seekers and axing foreign aid?

But maybe Alan’s not really that much of a Christian at all. Just as Nigel Farage is a bigot who dresses his nasty prejudices up as ‘common sense’, Craig dresses his up in scripture and calls them religious convictions.

He and UKIP are a marriage made in heaven – but not a gay marriage. Obviously.

UKIP if you want to

23 Aug
Pretty in pink - Gerard Batten surrounded by his supporters in the European Parliament

Pretty in pink – Gerard Batten surrounded by his supporters in the European Parliament

Is this the end of the political road for Forest Gate’s Gerard Batten?

Wee Gerry has been an MEP since 2004 and is the only UKIP member for London. But the recent re-selection process has seen him relegated to second place on the candidates shortlist for next year’s european elections. UKIP has never had 2 MEPs in London, so second place is as good as nowhere. The final order of the list is up to a vote of the assorted fruitcakes, loonies and euro-obsessives that make up UKIP’s membership, but the recommended order is a big slap in the face for someone who runner-up in party’s leadership election just four years ago.

The London UKIP shortlist in full:

  • Paul Oakley
Gerard Batten
  • Andrew McNeilis
  • Anthony Brown
  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Lawrence Webb
  • Alastair McFarlane
  • Peter Whittle

However, losing is nothing new for Gerry Batten. He has a long history of electoral failure and is clearly immune from embarrassment. In 2008 he was UKIP’s London mayoral candidate. He finished a dismal 7th, securing just 0.93% of the vote. Even Alan Craig of the Christianist Peoples Alliance did better!

Newham voters with very long memories may also remember him from the 2002 local elections. He stood in Forest Gate North, coming bottom of the poll with a paltry 233 votes.

That, though, was a big improvement on his previous showing. In 1993 Batten contested the Park ward by-election on behalf of the Anti-Federalist League. He collected all of 75 votes.

Defeat in 2014 will just be a return to normality for Gerry.