Turn again, Robin Wales

15 Apr

Despite being on the verge of re-selection – unopposed, of course – as Labour’s candidate for Mayor of Newham in next year’s local elections, Sir Robin Wales wants to be mayor of London.

What’s interesting for Newham people – apart from the happy prospect of waving goodbye to the Dear Leader – is that the London elections are in 2016, exactly halfway through Sir Robin’s next term.

When Labour selected Ken Livingstone as candidate for the 2012 election it did so in the autumn of 2010, a full 21 months ahead of time. And this was following a 3-month campaign in which he defeated former Bethnal Green MP Oona King.

Assuming the London Labour party follows the same timetable, Sir Robin would start his campaign for the nomination barely a month after being re-elected in Newham. If he won that he’d face a long slog round London raising his profile among the voters of the other 31 boroughs.

How much time will he have left to do the job he’s being paid £81,000 a year by Newham council tax payers for?

If I were a Labour party member who’d just cast his vote in the ‘trigger’ ballots I’d be a bit pissed off to discover, just a few weeks later, that our candidate is no longer that interested in the job – that he hopes to serve just half his term before resigning in favour of something bigger and better. And that he’s unlikely to devote much of his time to Newham.

I might also wonder if we have to have an open process to select a candidate for the mayoral by-election in 2016, why not save ourselves the trouble and select someone now who will serve a full four years?

2 Responses to “Turn again, Robin Wales”

  1. No Name April 17, 2013 at 02:10 #

    Robin Wales does n’t deserve to be Mayor of London or even a place in the house of Lords. Robin Wales should retire from politics.

    What has Robin Wales done for Newham?. Under his leadership, Newham is a worse place to live. We have seen erosion of democracy. People are tired of being ignored.

    Newham hosted the Olympics, but what were the benefit to Newham?.

    Robin Wales may impress his political colleagues with his spin, but he has never been tested.

    Robin Wales may indeed make it as Mayor of London and he comes across as likeable, but he does not deserve this post.

    He may be able to brag about his achievements when speaking to an audience of Newham residents, but he will not be able to fool the opposition parties at the London Assembly. Some do their homework. He will be caught short. He has had an easy ride in Newham politics. He has no opposition parties. He has never really been challenged. It is a bit like sending a 50 year old general to war, only to find he has never had any real combat experience.


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