Say hello, wave goodbye

3 Jul

This weekend sees Newham Labour party select its candidates for the 60 seats up for grabs at next year’s council elections.

The original 120 applicants have been carefully vetted and a shortlist of 65 agreed from which each ward can choose its trio of nominees. Mike Law has acquired a copy of the list and published it on his blog.

Comparing Mike’s list to one of currently sitting councillors, it is clear that not all of them have made it through. Some will have chosen to retire, but others are paying the price for failing to please the mayor.

Those strapping on the concrete wellies and preparing to be heaved into the Royal Docks are:

  • Paul Brickell
  • Leanora Cameron
  • Nirmal Kaur Chadha
  • Akbar Chaudhary
  • Marie Collier
  • Omana Gangadharan
  • Kevin Jenkins
  • Khalil Kazi
  • Sharaf Mahmood
  • Riaz Ahmed Mirza
  • Mike Nicholas
  • Gavin Pearson
  • Pearson Shillingford
  • Mary Skyers
  • Rustam Talati
  • Alan Taylor

They may be joined by as many as five more after the weekend.

Of course, those nominated to replace them are not 100% guaranteed to collect a minimum of £10,700 a year in allowances for the next 4 years be elected. But they can probably prepare to have the control chips implanted, ready to receive instructions direct from Sir Robin.

2 Responses to “Say hello, wave goodbye”

  1. Andrea July 3, 2013 at 15:17 #

    Firoza Nekiwala and Amarjit Singh are on Law’s list. I can’t seen Riaz Ahmed Mirza and Pearson Shillingford though

    • Martin Warne July 3, 2013 at 15:32 #

      Many thanks. I obviously didn’t get my rows correctly lined up. The post has now been updated.

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