A conversation with Hanif Abdulmuhit

29 Apr

Frustratingly WordPress won’t display embedded Storify content, so you’ll have to click the link below.


One Response to “A conversation with Hanif Abdulmuhit”

  1. Birdman April 29, 2014 at 16:13 #

    Having read the exchange he just seems another in the long list of people who join newham labour as it’s the only way to get elected and claim outrageous expenses. How he can’t see that sew is implementing cuts that are more savage than those demanded by the Tories. As for joining labour and fighting from the inside, it doesn’t work. The local government rarely meets and has no teeth. Srw has highly placed cronies who receive huge special responsibility allowances that buys their loyalty. And let’s not forget that a percentage of these allowances is deducted at source and goes into local Labour Party coffers to fund a full time official and campaign costs. And then there is the newham mag….The Labour Party in Newham is morally challenged and I hope one or two of the new candidates can make a difference. I doubt that will Hanif will but one can only hope he is singing from the srw hymn sheet until he is elected.

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