Never gonna be respectable

12 May

Respect Tory

There is an old saying that the older you get, the more right-wing your politics become.

If that’s true there’s a bunch of former Respect candidates on day release from the geriatric ward.

Having stood in 2010 for the George Galloway fan club Abdul Karim Sheikh (Green St West), Abul Mohshin Kazi (Plaistow North), Ashfaq Ahmed and Kamran Qureshi (both Green St East) are all now Conservative party candidates for Newham council.

I assume the Tories knew their political histories when they selected them. Which either tells you a lot about the state of Newham Conservative party and its desperate desire to run a full slate, or a lot about the ideological flexibility of the candidates.

Of course these four aren’t the only ones who have moved to the right in search of electoral success.

Former Respect councillor and 2008 London Assembly candidate Hanif Abdulmuhit (Green St West) is now wearing a Newham Labour rosette, along with Forhad Hussain (Plaistow North), who is a rising star in Sir Robin’s administration and has already ascended to cabinet rank.


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