Four more years

23 May

Newham Labour M 004

Newham Labour is celebrating another four years for Sir Robin, despite a big drop in his personal vote compared to 2010.

The Conservatives’ Respect-a-like campaign brought them an extra 2% share, but at considerable cost to their credibility. Tory HQ is said to be investigating their candidate selections and election leaflets.

UKIP’s 3rd place is less alarming than it appears. They were a long, long way back and 6% of the vote is less than their London-wide average. Newham again proves it is blessedly resistant to the far right.

Jane Lithgow of the Greens will be as pleased with her 4% as Lois Austin will be disappointed with TUSC’s 2%.

It looks like the end of the road for the Christian Peoples Alliance. From 4th place to last and two-thirds of their vote vanished. They won’t be missed.

Talking of losers: the Liberal Democrats. Once upon a time they got people elected to the council; now they trail in 6th place with fewer votes than Kamran Malik.

Candidate Party 2014 2010 Change
Sir Robin Wales Labour 47,095 61.2% 64,748 68.0% -17,653 -6.8%
Stefan Mrozinski Conservative 13,976 18.2% 15,330 16.1% -1,354 2.1%
David Mears UKIP 4,960 6.4%
Jane Lithgow Green 3,055 4.0%
Kamran Malik Communities United 2,796 3.6% 6,607 6.9% -3,811 -3.3%
David Thorpe Liberal Democrat 1,757 2.3%
Lois Austin TUSC 1,708 2.2%
Alex Ocan Latim Christian PA  1,625 2.1% 6,503 6.8% -4,878 -4.7%
  Turnout 76,972 40.60% 95,194 50.40% -18,222 -9.8%

One Response to “Four more years”

  1. d May 23, 2014 at 18:52 #

    29,877 of the 76,972 of those who voted, didn’t vote for wales.

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