Hub and nonsense

13 Aug

In response to a Freedom of Information request about ‘community hubs’ and their purpose the council says:

Each Hub also holds regular coffee mornings to enable the Council to talk to residents about local issues which are of concern. In Forest Gate coffee mornings take place on the last Wednesday or every month from 10-12pm. Sometimes the Community Hub manager and councillors may arrange meetings that are open to stakeholders and/or local residents to discuss a particular issue. These will be arranged on an ad hoc basis as issues arise.

I have lived in Forest Gate for 25 years and I flatter myself that I pay some attention to what’s going on in the area, but this is news to me.

The only coffee morning I can recall being advertised is one where we were invited to ‘meet the mayor’. That was more than a year ago.

If these coffee mornings really do exist the council’s communications team is doing a shockingly poor job of promoting them. 

2 Responses to “Hub and nonsense”

  1. Ben About Town August 13, 2014 at 13:47 #

    Absolute rubbish.
    Asked a couple of people that lived here just incase i have missed it myself (been living in forest gate fpr 27 years) and nobody has heard of it. This includes local groups like the WI. I might pop down to the church and see if they know anything. I good test would be to phone the switchboard and ask when and where the next one is (bet they won’t know either !)

  2. Sarah Ruiz August 13, 2014 at 16:04 #

    I also pride myself with taking an interest, and coffee mornings are news to me too. I also take an active interest in Canning Town, as I work there. I receive E16 News – a Council publication, there has never been mention of coffee mornings there either. Community Hubs are a complete joke. BUT why don’t we be pro active and ask our community hub manager – whoever that is, to arrange one? But I would suggest that it’s at a time when those if us who work can attend?

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