10 Feb

Marco Arment, writing on his blog

Vaccines are truly one of humanity’s greatest and most important accomplishments.
It’s tragic, dangerous, and incredibly destructive that society is needlessly regressing on this front. I’m sadly confident that anti-intellectualism and shunning of widely proven scientific data, selfishly and shamelessly encouraged by entertainers and politicians to advance their careers, will prove to be the most damaging and deadly regression of developed society in my lifetime.

Anti-vaxxers are deluded and the idiocy they peddle is incredibly dangerous. Diseases that were all but eradicated are making a comeback because of them. They put not just their own children but everybody at risk.

In Newham only 82.2% of children have received their first dose of MMR immunisation by the age of two. By the age of five, 71.9% of children have received their second dose of MMR immunisation. This is lower than the national average.

The reasons why immunisation rates here are so low are complex and more likely to be connected both to poverty and a highly transient population than to high profile celebrity anti-vaxxers. But they don’t help.

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