Leading questions

27 Apr

Upton centre consultation

The council is ‘consulting’ on the future of the Upton Centre, which it suddenly closed late last year. One question – shown above – asks residents what their priority would be if the council had just over £4.4 million to spend on something; of course, redevelopment of the Upton Centre is right at the very bottom of the list of options.

When Sir Robin decided to bung £40 million – almost 10 times as much – into converting the Olympic stadium for the benefit of West Ham United FC and its multimillionaire owners, no such consultation took place.

And no-one was asked what they might prefer the council to spend such a vast sum on. 

UPDATE: The whole consultation is bogus. The bias is evident in the questions and in the assumptions that underlie them, as Caroline Tomes has explained on Storify.

One Response to “Leading questions”

  1. Anon May 4, 2015 at 14:42 #

    It is a small building how can it cost £4.4million?

    When the people did not want the Atherton to be redeveloped did the Council listen people’s opinion?

    It is not the first time, the council has carried out dishonest consultations. It is a reflection council staff have contempt for local people. The survey questions are highly offensive.

    The council seem to be doing a lot of re-building in the Borough. You have to wonder why?

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