At home he’s a tourist

15 Dec

Hanif LibDem

Somehow it escaped my attention until a few days ago that Cllr Hanif Abdulmuhit had once upon a time been secretary of Newham Liberal Democrats.

That was before he joined Respect, for whom he stood successfully for council in 2006, defeating the incumbent Labour members. He also stood in 2008 as the party’s candidate for the London Assembly seat of City & East.

As Respect disintegrated he reinvented himself again, serving out the remainder of his term as a Labour councillor. He had to sit out the 2010 elections before returning as a thoroughly reconstructed representative of Newham Labour in 2014. He is now mayoral advisor for Building Communities (Adult Care Integration) and community lead for Green Street. 

But he obviously never stays in one place too long, so Newham Greens should be on the lookout for his membership application any day now.

(hat-tip to Gary Stevens for the image)

[And in case you were wondering about the title: At home he’s a tourist – Gang of Four]


2 Responses to “At home he’s a tourist”

  1. terry ball December 17, 2015 at 23:03 #

    join the party that will get you elected .its the newham way of politics ,will this borough never learn that labour party is going down the pan its full of odd bods who could not get elected from other parties ,its like a sketch from the life of brian .

  2. Birdman December 18, 2015 at 10:55 #

    The two constituency Labour Parties have long since become a vehicle for people to get elected so they can further their personal ambition and business interests. For all the criticism of the old guard in the seventies and eighties they were at least socialists at heart, from working backgrounds and didn’t have massive property portfolios. It’s not so long ago that Forhad Hussein was an active member of Respect and then, all of a sudden, he joins the Labour Party and is now one of the Mayors biggest supporters and well paid for it. He is not alone in such lick spittle behaviour and for every decent councillor like John Whitworth or Ann Easter, there is a venal little shit promoting themselves and sod the electors. Until the patronage of elected mayors is ended this will carry on and the Labour Party seems powerless to stop it.

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