Fabian update

1 Feb

The following statement has been issued by the national Fabian Society regarding the recent mayoral trigger ballot (my emphasis added):

Since early December the national Fabian Society has received a number of complaints from members regarding the process followed by Newham Fabian Society in the re-selection of the Labour Party candidate for mayor of Newham. The society has concluded that the process followed did not comply with the national society’s bye-laws governing local Fabian societies. All but one of the people involved in the decision are no longer in office, following an AGM held on 11th January.

Upon receiving the complaints, the national society contacted the (former) officers of Newham Fabians and they responded helpfully to our inquiry, providing information and justification for their actions. They told us that the nomination had been made by the society’s officers and by its delegate to East Ham Constituency Labour Party, using the same procedure used in 2013. They also said that their interpretation of the society’s bye-laws was that no process for a mayoral re-selection ‘trigger ballot’ was specified. 

A committee of the national society’s executive met on 24th January to consider the complaints. It accepted the statement from the officers that they acted in good faith. Nevertheless, the committee determined that the national society’s bye-laws require a vote of members in the re-selection of a mayoral candidate and therefore concluded that the Newham Fabians nomination had breached the society’s rules. 

The national Fabian Society has instructed the new officers of Newham Fabians to write to their members to inform them of these conclusions and offer apologies on behalf of Newham Fabian Society. It will also provide support and supervision to the new officers in their future administration of the society. 

The Labour Party has been informed of the outcome of the society’s review. Any further inquiries about the Newham trigger ballot should be directed to the party.

So the rules were broken in order to deliver a vital extra vote to Sir Robin.

The officers in question were councillors Tahmina Rahman and Unmesh Desai. But who is (or was?) the Fabian’s delegate to East Ham CLP? And, given Newham Fabians hadn’t met for four years prior to last month’s re-launch AGM, who nominated them?

5 Responses to “Fabian update”

  1. Birdman February 1, 2017 at 11:43 #

    This seems to be a fudge. They have not ordered that the vote be taken again, and have deferred all further comment to the national Labour Party who have already ratified the nomination of Srw as the mayoral candidate. None of it makes sense and the Labour Party both in Newham and nationally should feel shame. Both locally and nationally it is a dysfunctional mess and offers no leadership or policies that people can get behind. Their only argument seems to be is that they are not the Tories but their actions say otherwise.

  2. NewhamDemocracy February 2, 2017 at 00:34 #

    The only officer was Tahmina Rahman. The GC delegate as the secretary has replied to some members was surprise surprise Cllr Ken Clark

  3. Roger M February 2, 2017 at 12:04 #

    Richard Nixon would be proud of this obfuscation. “They acted in good faith”! Of course!

  4. samantha February 3, 2017 at 15:51 #

    Ken Clark!
    Was the unelected Fabian delegate the very same Mayoral representative present at the Triigger Count?

  5. Get The F out February 3, 2017 at 16:30 #

    What a joke, to sum things up the Labour Party london region are supporting the Fabian result saying it was done in good faith. l knew we were in North Korea this confirms it. Robin Wales you are a joke it’s time you called it a day. The Newham Labour Party Members don’t what you, l don’t want you. And hopefully Newham residents will reject you in 2018.

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