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7 Nov

Salim Patel 121

Cllr Salim Patel, mayoral advisor and TSSA delegate

London blogger and ex-Guardian journalist Dave Hill has an intriguing account of how one union affiliate’s vote ended up in Sir Robin’s pile in the trigger ballot.

It’s well worth reading the whole piece, but the nut of it is here:

The TSSA [Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association] branch in question is its Euston one. That branch had had previous ties with the East Ham Constituency Labour Party (CLP) in Newham, and in May 2015 became affiliated to it again. A letter from the branch, which I have a copy of, informed the CLP’s then treasurer of this, said that affiliation fees and a donation of £50 had been paid by credit transfer from TSSA head office, and stated: “Our delegate will be Councillor Salim Patel.”

Councillor Patel represents Manor Park ward in Newham. His Labour Party profile describes him as a train manager with Virgin Trains. He is also one of Sir Robin’s appointees as a “community lead councillor” with additional children and early years responsibilities. For these duties he received in 2016/17 a special responsibility allowance of £8,433.39 in addition to his standard councillor allowance of £10,842.

The person in charge of running the trigger ballot was Councillor Patrick Murphy, chosen by  Newham Labour’s Local Campaign Forum in conjunction with the party’s London region for the task of procedures secretary. His duties included distributing trigger ballot papers. Councillor Murphy too was a mayoral adviser at the time, receiving a special responsibility allowance of £7,871.50. He is still on Sir Robin’s team, currently as a “delivery lead” councillor, with responsibility for environment policy.

My information is that the TSSA Euston branch received no direct communication from Councillor Murphy, unlike other unions entitled to vote in the ballot. Rather, Councillor Patel in person brought the ballot paper to a Euston branch officer, who signed it off without really appreciating what it was or giving it more than a moment’s attention. A vote was eventually added to the pile favouring Sir Robin’s automatic re-selection. The final result was 20-17.

Hill says he has contacted Cllr Patel for his side of the story and promised to update his story if he’s got anything wrong. He has not yet had any response.

If Salim Patel won’t talk to Dave Hill he should at the very least explain himself to local Labour members.As with everything else connected to the affiliate votes in the trigger ballot, this absolutely stinks.


3 Responses to “TSSA trailer”

  1. KEVIN MANSELL November 13, 2017 at 12:19 #

    Challenged to confirm or deny Dave Hill’s account at Manor Park ward’s branch meeting last week (9.11.2017) Councillor Salim Patel refused to answer. He said he was only prepared to offer an explanation to the Local Campaign Fund, i.e. the body that signed off the results of the bogus ballot in the first place. In this , Patel was supported by Councillor Ken Clarke, Chairman of Manor Park Branch and Deputy Mayor. Both of these comrades will likely seek Manor Park’s nominations for 2018 Council candidates at a meeting in December. This is the state of Labour Party democracy in East Ham in 2017.

    • The corruptor November 17, 2017 at 18:18 #

      I just hope Manor Park ward members tell them both to F**k **f cheeky c**ts at the selections. Bring real politics into the Labour Party.

      • The rage against the machines November 18, 2017 at 00:04 #

        Labour Party members need to take s**tbag like Salim Patel out, he does a dis-service to the community. This just shows his dishonesty and is not fit to serve as councillor. Robin Wales is playing tribal politics pitting religion and races against each other. Cllr Salim Patel has done nothing for the community, just fill his pockets with council tax payers money.
        Money which residents work hard for. Newham is fast becoming third world borough under SRW and his cronies, so let’s give them there P45s.

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