Data warning

7 Feb

Selection meetings for the 20 ward Labour parties to select their candidates for the council elections in May have been confirmed for 17/18 and 24/25 February.

Martin Tiedemann, regional organiser of the London Labour Party has written to all of the long-listed candidates – rumoured to be more than 100 people – to remind them of the code of conduct and rules for selections.

Membership lists are only available to short-listed candidates… and we will therefore not be providing lists to any candidates, given sort-listing and selection will happen at the same meeting in Newham.

Some candidates, including sitting councillors and CLP or branch officers, may have existing copies of membership lists in relation to the roles they hold. These lists must not be used to canvass for support fore the upcoming selections.

Improper use of membership data, including passing on to other candidates, may be a breach of law or of Labour’s rules, and may put your position on the longlist at risk.

Given that membership data has so recently been mis-used in Newham, this is pertinent advice. But it really hands an advantage to sitting councillors and branch officers. They almost certainly don’t need to use the data to talk to their members – they already know who they are and how to reach them if they want a chat. And I’d be hugely surprised if they resisted the temptation.

2 Responses to “Data warning”

  1. Sarah February 8, 2018 at 12:44 #

    Whilst I agree with your point about advantage, all those on the long list are supposed to fulfil criteria etc, they therefore are mostly familiar with the majority of members in the ward they wish to be selected.
    I have already been lobbied by new applicants!

  2. Meghan February 9, 2018 at 12:19 #

    Indeed and unsurprisingly the likes of Barrie Cunning were seen on the streets of Plaistow South. Wonder where he was given his membership list for. Poor Neil Wilson has this young upstart to deal with. Also not to mention those who have formed a team to get rid of poor James Beckles and asking members to not support him. If anyone has seen them, they must report it immediately.

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