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17 May

SitesOfNewham 2016 May 16

Photo @SitesOfNewham

I’ve knocked up a quick and dirty system for reporting flytipping in Newham on Twitter.

Tweet your report and use the hashtag #NewhamFlytip.

The report will then automatically be added to a Google spreadsheet, which is publicly viewable on the web.

As I’ve taken the trouble to help them out by putting all the Twitter reports in one easy to find place it would be rude of Newham council to ignore this, don’t you think?


Public meeting on flytipping

5 May

Public Meeting on Flytipping

Good of Stephen Timms to be there, but this is really a council matter. Many people think the recently introduced £20 bulk waste collection charge has already made the problem worse.

Will any councillors turn up and talk to residents directly?