London elects – your candidates

1 Apr

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The Mayor of London and the London Assembly Member candidates have been officially announced.

Mayor of London

  • BERRY, Sian Rebecca – Green Party
  • FURNESS, David – British National Party
  • GALLOWAY, George – Respect (George Galloway)
  • GOLDING, Paul – Britain First – Putting British people first
  • GOLDSMITH, Zac – The Conservative Party Candidate
  • HARRIS, Lee Eli – Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol
  • KHAN, Sadiq Aman – Labour Party
  • LOVE, Ankit – One Love Party
  • PIDGEON, Caroline Valerie – London Liberal Democrats
  • WALKER, Sophie – Women’s Equality Party
  • WHITTLE, Peter Robin – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  • ZYLINSKI, Prince – Independent


City & East constituency

  • BAGSHAW, Elaine Sheila – London Liberal Democrats
  • CHAPMAN, Christopher James – The Conservative Party Candidate
  • COLLINSON, Rachel – Green Party
  • D’SOUZA, Aaron Anthony Jose Hasan – All People’s Party
  • DESAI, Unmesh – Labour Party
  • GICHINGA, Amina May Kay – Take Back the City
  • HARRIS, Peter James – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  • MICKAIL, Rayne – Respect (George Galloway)


Londonwide Assembly members

  • Animal Welfare Party
  • Britain First – Putting British People First
  • British National Party
  • Caroline Pidgeon’s London Liberal Democrats
  • Christian People’s Alliance
  • Conservative Party
  • Green Party
  • Labour Party
  • Respect Party (George Galloway)
  • The House Party – Homes for Londoners
  • UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  • Women’s Equality Party

The candidates on each party list can be found on the London Elects website.

5 Responses to “London elects – your candidates”

  1. terry ball April 5, 2016 at 17:49 #

    just watched the itv debate not one of the candidates mentioned the fair rents act being reinstated for people on low incomes ,the only one with any real idea was khan saying stop selling our housing off plan abroad and get some more social housing built on brownfield sites .khan gets my vote for mayor ,hopefully he will enforce landlord rules and laws from the big seat and stop this hmo situation where greedy people make money out of the needy like some of our own councillors who flaunt the rules .

  2. terry ball April 5, 2016 at 18:02 #

    i am a old labour party man and so is desai he has always been true to his word even though he has made some terrible decisions about who he has been seen with .however he is home grown and to have a newham man in city hall is not a bad thing we might get a bit more accountability from this mob we have here now .by the way anyone have any news about the lobo debate in the townhall last week i am to old for twitter so i miss out on the latest rows .

    • redline May 10, 2016 at 13:24 #

      “i am a old labour party man and so is Desai he has always been true to his word…. however he is home grown and to have a newham man in city hall is not a bad thing we might get a bit more accountability from this mob”

      Bring accountability? Seriously? What has Desai done to bring accountability in Newham?.

      On the contrary, he is one the Newham councillors who has caused damaged to East London. He was one of the councillors who waved through of expansion of London City Airport. The airport wanted to concrete over King George V docks. Newham councillors did consider the planning carefully. Newham is loosing millions in Business Rates, as the area surrounding the airport has been turned into an Enterprise Zone, where businesses do not pay to the Council. This is the second time an Enteprise Zone has been brought in, this is down to negative impact of the airport on the local environment.

      The airport was sold for £2billion by its hedge fund owners, having purchased it for £750m, yet Newham did not have a decent enough S106 agreement to claim a slice of the planning gain. Their profits came at the suffering of those who have to put up with aircraft noise. People who lives miles away are finding themselves under London City Airport or Heathrow flight paths. East London did not have a problem with Heathrow jet, but they are coming over Eastwards to accomodate growing number of planes from London City Airport.

      If find it crazy, West London is strongly opposing a third runway at Heathrow. The likes of Zac Goldsmith and John McDonnell are opposed to Heathrow. They fight to protect their environment, but in Newham, we have Sir Robin Wales, Stephen Timms MP who want more planes. Rather then making a Newham a nice place to live, they want to trash it. Some of the area around the Royal Docks, has lovely waterfront. The airport was meant to be a small airfield for VIP business traveller, however, the nature of the airport has changed and we see more fligths to holiday destination such as Spain. What benefit is this to London’s economy?. Newham school children pay the price. It is Newham residents whose homes are filled by aircraft noise and jet fuel. Why did n’t a slice of a the £2bn go to help re-locate people.

      Sadiq Khan sayd he was a housing crisis, but it is it right to blight some of the cheapest homes in London?.

      Boris overturned Newham’s planning decision to expand London City Airport to a Planning Inquiry, but I have just heard Sadiq Khan as the new Mayor of London has overturned this. So much for the Greenest Mayor ever!

      Boris put a cable car in Newham, but this is at attempt to improve the prospect of the area, whilst Newham is trashing the area. Newham does not have a vision for a better Borough.

  3. terry ball April 5, 2016 at 22:11 #

    thank you martin that is gobsmacking ,how can these councillors justify their actions and not tender resignations ,hudson paul and baikie sit on audit and consistently let tens of millions of pounds of public money pass through their hands year after year collegegate was the last major loss now this ,how much more can this council blow of public money without being brought to account .how many officers are going to be allowed to take our council taxes to pay for the high wages they command ,if these loans and debts are not toxic what do they consider are .how come the ceo is not being questioned on these cost what does he do to manage our borough for his wages ,all these questions should be answered in a public enquiry not brushed under the carpet so members have to ask by means of an foi .maladministration comes to mind ,and now they have a set up a company doing our housing .thats should be looked into as well ,unbelievable

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