London Elects 2016 – Newham results

16 May

The London Elects website has released the results of the recent Mayoral and London Assembly elections (.xlsx) broken down to borough and ward level.

Below are the results for Newham as a whole. I’ll post the votes cast in Forest Gate North and Forest Gate South separately.

There are very few surprises. Labour won by a country-mile, with the Tories a distant second. The Greens are clearly the borough’s third party. The Liberal Democrats will probably be disappointed to finish some way behind UKIP.

Mayor of London

Candidate Party 1st Prefs 2nd Prefs
Sian Rebecca Berry Green Party 3637 10321
David Furness British National Party 596 1118
George Galloway Respect (George Galloway) 2204 9509
Paul Golding Britain First 1075 1876
Zac Goldsmith Conservative Party 14165 8374
Lee Harris Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol 731 2016
Sadiq Aman Khan Labour Party 53094 16212
Ankit Love One Love Party 230 996
Caroline Valerie Pidgeon London Liberal Democrats 1863 5843
Sophie Walker Women’s Equality Party 1284 5171
Peter Robin Whittle UK Independence Party (UKIP) 2080 3675
Prince Zylinski Independent 340 716


London-wide member

Party Votes
Animal Welfare Party 658
Britain First – Putting British people first 1169
British National Party 595
Caroline Pidgeon’s London Liberal Democrats 2377
Christian Peoples Alliance 1365
Conservative Party 10529
Green Party – “vote Green on orange” 4472
Labour Party 52779
Respect (George Galloway) 2787
The House Party – Homes for Londoners 348
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 3303
Women’s Equality Party 1890


City & East constituency member

Candidate Party Votes
Elaine Sheila Bagshaw London Liberal Democrats 3264
Christopher James Chapman Conservative Party 11192
Rachel Collinson Green Party 6017
Unmesh Desai Labour Party 53419
Aaron Anthony Jose Hasan D’Souza All People’s Party 478
Amina May Kay Gichinga Take Back the City 604
Peter James Harris UK Independence Party (UKIP) 4414
Rayne Mickail Respect (George Galloway) 2887


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