A prayer for Owen Smith

26 Jul

Another day in the Labour leadership contest, another open letter.

This time it’s backing Owen Smith MP in his fight against Jeremy Corbyn. Eight Newham councillors have signed:

  • Cllr Andrew Baikie
  • Cllr David Christie
  • Cllr Ian Corbett
  • Cllr James Beckles
  • Cllr Jo Corbett
  • Cllr Mas Patel
  • Cllr Patricia Holland
  • Cllr Quintin Peppiatt

In addition, both Newham MPs, Lyn Brown and Stephen Timms, are among those who formally nominated Smith.

UPDATE (19 August 2016)

Councillors Salim Patel, Aleen Alarice and Alan Griffiths have now added their names to the list of signatories

2 Responses to “A prayer for Owen Smith”

  1. Candy girl July 27, 2016 at 08:59 #

    All the signatories are the most usless councillors in Newham, as for Lyn Brown our local MP a right air head thick. Ask local residents in West Ham who there mp is they don’t know. Can’t wait till she gets de-selected, l am going to be the first to put a vote of no-confidence in her, she like the others is a self-centred, nose in the troff mp. She probably ask one question in parliament a year that’s because it takes her that long to think of a creditable question. l always open a bottle champagne to celebrate other wise sitting on her ass in the commons all day.

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