The verdict

12 Feb

Wales Nope



7 Jan


Merry Christmas

23 Dec

Merry Christmas


16 shades of Robin Wales

25 Nov

16 shades of Robin Wales

The current issue of the Newham Mag contains an extraordinary 16 pictures of the Mayor.

Even by the Mag’s Pravda-like standards, this must be some kind of record.

Could there be an election coming up, I wonder?


Zero hours

21 Aug

Zero hours

Unite has published a graphic showing its ‘Zero Hours Hall of Shame.’

The original was notably lacking one high profile zero hours employer, so I’ve done them a small favour and added the logo, along with the number of employees on zero hours contracts.

You’re welcome, Unite.


E7 Now and Then

7 May

E7 Now and Then

A new website about Forest Gate has appeared on the scene – E7 Now and Then.

It’s very new and only has a few posts so far, but I’ll be bookmarking it to see how things develop. There’s also a Twitter account to follow.

Like Woodgrange Web, it has adopted a brown theme that I think looks rather fusty and old-fashioned. Perhaps that’s the point, but it’s not to my tastes.



Wales will go on… and on

8 Apr

Wales will go on… and on

This month Newham Labour party is holding ‘trigger ballots’ to decide if they want to run a full, open selection process to pick their candidate in next year’s mayoral election. The alternative is simply to let Sir Robin run again.

The results thus far have been depressingly predictable. Sir Robin will not be challenged.

He will be Labour’s candidate next May and he will be mayor for another 4 years.